Monday, September 04, 2006

Project 6: Fitting The Frame To The Subject

Photo 1: Conventional viewpoint

Photo 2: Subject shot to the edges of the frame

I don't feel that this photo works very well at all.

Photo 3: Detailed shot

Shot with a shallow depth of field to blur the background and add emphasis to the face.

Photo 4: Placing the subject in the context of its surroundings

Crop 1: I cropped Photo 1 to completely change the subject of the image.

Crop 2: I cropped Photo 3 to further contrast the face against the background.

Crop 3: I cropped Photo 4 using an unusal shape.

The dark tree trunk seems to add balance to the photo but the pathway leads the viewer's eye away from the main subject.

Crop 4: I cropped Photo 4 to provide balance with the overhanging branches.

Crop 5: I cropped Photo 4 to show the main subject together with some of the interesting branches above it

Crop 6: This is the image I was trying to take when I composed Photo 4. The subject is framed using the truck and branches of the tree.
I am quite pleased with this image.